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Performances                    Fire & Angle Grinding:               

Dolly Delicious Disco Inferno Fakir with Audience.jpg
Absinthe Fairy

Dolly's Absinthe Fairy fire act includes fire torches, body-burning & fire-breathing.

Disco Inferno

Dolly's 1970’s style fire act features classic disco moves with fire torches, body-burning & fire-breathing.

Too Darn Hot 

Dolly’s fire act  features burlesque, fire eating & breathing, freak-show balloon pop & fire nipple tassels!

Miss Lily Fortune Fire Eating.jpg
Dolly Delicious Circus Grinding.jpg
Tainted Love

Lily fire-eats & gets down and dirty with her grinding show that sets the room alight…either raunchy & Gothic or futuristic as Leeloo from Fifth Element all in a shower of sparks!

Charleston Grinding

Lily is late to a 1920's themed party; she tries to learn the Charleston dance moves but decides to show us her party trick instead!

Punk Rock Mayhem

 Lily rocks a Mohican, leather & safety pins when she body burns and angle grinds in anarchic style.


Circus Ring Master

Dolly whip-cracks in top hat & tails as the circus ring-master & then engulfs the stage in sparks.


Fifty Shades Darker

Dolly as a dominatrix whips up the crowd with her sexy angle-grinding show inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy.

Pirate  Treasure Chest

Dolly as 'Long Don Thigh-Bones' with beard & eye-patch sword fights before finding the golden treasure of her angle grinder.

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