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Performances                   Halloween Acts:

Black Cherry Evil Night Together Backshot.jpg
Pole Dancing

Black Cherry will hypnotise you with her straddles & splits as either a black swan ballerina or beautiful black cat.


Evil Night Together

Black Cherry our Halloween damsel is home-alone for the night & slips into something more comfortable!

Dolly Delicious Ghostbusters 1.jpg

Dolly busts those ghosts with her proton pack & reveals her secret weapon..

Living Doll 

Dolly’s fire routine includes fire fans, fakir, fire-eating & breathing, including a huge Dragon's Breath (space permitting).

Corpse Bride 

Dolly’s Gothic fire performance includes body burning, hand snuff, fire eating & fire nipple tassels!

Miss Lily Fortune Vampire 1.jpg

Vampire Queen

Miss Lily Fortune our vampire queen mesmerises you with her Isis wings & blood-thirsty antics.

The Omen

Miss Lily Fortune lets out her inner daemon and gets the sparks flying with this Omen act... 

Les Ooh La Las zombie splits on bar crop-.jpg

Zombie Thriller

Our flexible zombie & her friends scare the crowd before the zombies do a Thriller performance.

Fire & Spark Show

Our devils or zombies create havoc featuring angle grinding,

fire-eating & body burning.

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