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Performances                   Group acts:

Les Ooh La Las Sensation Seekers Glastonbury Can Can Front Kick.jpg
French Can Can 

The high-energy traditional French dance-with knickers and frills a plenty! 


Moulin Rouge Can Can

From the film’s soundtrack -a more raucous version of the traditional Can Can dance.

Les Ooh La Las Mimi Rouge Cheeky Chair!.jpg
Cheeky Chair Dance

A saucy chair routine with a difference- think films Cabaret meets Chicago.


Sassy Sailor Dance

Let our sassy sailor girls entertain you with their swing-jazz dance.

Ooh La La Wow Show Girls Splits arms up.jpg

Vegas Showgirls

Gorgeous Las Vegas-style costumes & lots of high-kicks -this routine offers a great start to any show!

Oktoberfest Wenches

Inspired by Schuhplattler folk dance the girls stomp, clap and strike the soles of their shoes,thighs and knees with their hands.

Les Ooh La Las Flashdance Grind 1.jpg

What a Feeling!

Retro 80’s angle grinding & dance act, featuring performers grinding whilst the other performers dance Flash-dance movie style.

Zombie Thriller

Our flexible zombie & her friends scare the crowd before the zombies do a Thriller performance.

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