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Stilt Walking or Hostesses               

Les Ooh La Las Black Showgirls.jpg
Stilt Walking

Dolly Delicious & Miss Lily Fortune have been working together for over 15 years & have most costumes as a matching pair, they have worked together at night-clubs, festivals, private parties, weddings & many other events.

Dolly & Lily will meet and greet your guests, hand out flyers/gifts or fund-raise on their stilts which make them 8ft tall!


Miss Lily Fortune Red Showgirl.jpg


From  Las Vegas show-girls to pirates to entertain the children choose from: 

  • Uniforms: Air hostesses ·Army cadets · Bakers/Chefs · N.Y.P.D · Sailors · Tea ladies/Cleaners · Traffic warden · UK police

  • Characters: Buxom wenches · Las Vegas or Moulin Rouge showgirls · Pirates · Ziggy Stardust

  • Mythical: Absinthe fairies · Butterflies · Tinker Bells · Unicorns

  • Halloween: Dominatrices · Evil clown/Mime · Zombie nurses/Nun

  • Christmas: Ice Queens · Winter Wonderland


If you have a specific character idea or request do just ask.

For venues with height restriction we can do Roller-Girls or adapt costumes for on roller skates or in heels.

Dolly Delicious Zombie Nurse Stilts
Dolly Delicious Showgirl Canapes.jpg
Ooh La Las Chefs 1.JPG
Ooh La Las Chefs 1.JPG
Ooh la las Red Showgirls.jpg
Miss Lily Fortune Canapes.jpg
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